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Your car. Your smoke. His lungs. Let's take it outside. Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC)
Welcome to the Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC) Tobacco Counter-advertising Collection. You can browse through our collection for detailed campaign information on tobacco counter-advertisements including television, radio, prints, earned media, and other collateral media material in a variety of formats.

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Planning For 4th Quarter Media Campaigns


The 2015 CDC/OSH media campaign ended August 16. Launched on March 30, the 20-week nationwide campaign included both Tips 2015 and ads from 2013 and 2014 campaigns. This year a pilot program to promote nicotine replacement therapy was conducted via radio broadcast in two states over a two-week period in July.

Opportunities exist now for you to leverage these resources to boost your 4th Quarter/year-end campaigns.


An added bonus are the CDC-funded Dealer packages that offer broadcast use of the 2013 and 2014 TV ads used in the campaign free of talent fees for six months, August 17, 2015 through February 14, 2016, and include:

Roosevelt’s Tip; Bill's Tip Memorial; Amanda's Tip; Brett and Felicita's Tip Dual Language; Brett's Tip; Rose's Tip Memorial English & Spanish; and Terrie's Don't Smoke Tip.


The 2015 spots are also paid for broadcast use, while Internet and Theatrical use media are covered for all spots through early 2016. As always, the supporting creative – print, out-of-home, collateral and digital ads are free for extended periods of use as suits your campaign needs.  

Many of the Tips resources are a good fit for supporting Heritage and Health Observance celebrated in September and October:

  • September celebrations include National Recovery Month, Healthy Aging Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 to Oct 15,) World Heart Day on September 29, and Labor Day on September 7.
  • For October, SIDS Awareness, Health Literacy, Child Health Day, Oct. 5, World Stroke Day Oct. 29, and Halloween on the 31st.

In addition to Tips from Former Smokers campaign ads, CDC Social Media Images library offers dozens of already-produced evergreen images that can be customized for local use on your social media sites and blogs. 

Much more is available and staff can assist you with your specific campaign needs.

Contact the MCRC ( with your questions and for assistance;


Persons with disabilities experiencing problems accessing the MCRC ads should contact
or call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).