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Your car. Your smoke. His lungs. Let's take it outside. Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC)
Welcome to the Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC) Tobacco Counter-advertising Collection. You can browse through our collection for detailed campaign information on tobacco counter-advertisements including television, radio, prints, earned media, and other collateral media material in a variety of formats.

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Summer Is Here; Back-to-School Season Not Far Behind...


Summer will be over before we know it and students will be heading back to school; which means it is time to check out and order free MCRC resources for your back-to-school campaigns.


Free MCRC material is available to increase youth awareness of tobacco use health risks, encourage youth who smoke to quit and their peers to support their efforts. Some include:

  • Be An Original print and out-of-home ad campaign designed to inform youth that they are a target of tobacco industry marketing practices and to choose to be different and take a stance against using tobacco.
  • Facing Reality TV ada powerful real-life testimonial featuring a young man who lost much of his face to oral cancer.  
  • Tobacco Benches You- Tobacco Brands You a smokeless tobacco ad Campaign designed to remind youth and young people that they are in control and can choose not to chew tobacco. English & Spanish.
  • Destiny TV ad –teens describe a bleak future for themselves if they use tobacco. The message is smoking causes immediate damage that can lead to death.   

Most print-sized ads may be adjusted for use on social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Post CDC-produced images with back-to-school prevention and cessation messages to your social media sites. Dozens of images come with each topic listed in the 2013 & 2014 libraries; we display only one sample image per topic. New posts are added monthly to the 2015 library. All image files come in formats that allow you to add your logo and local CTA.


CDC is sponsoring AdFest 2015 on August 20th from 4:30-6:00pm at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia. If you are in Atlanta for the “Retooling and Recommitting: Environmental, Policy and Systems Interventions in Tobacco Control” meeting, we invite you to add this popular event to your schedule. This year is MCRC’s 20th birthday! Come and celebrate with us!!



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