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Your car. Your smoke. His lungs. Let's take it outside. Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC)
Welcome to the Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC) Tobacco Counter-advertising Collection. You can browse through our collection for detailed campaign information on tobacco counter-advertisements including television, radio, prints, earned media, and other collateral media material in a variety of formats.

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You Can Support People Who Want to Quit in 2015 on A Tight Budget

Many cigarette smokers made New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking in 2015 but may need some help to stay on track through the coming months. You can support their quit efforts, even on a tight budget.  

Here are some ways to promote cessation messages to your community without breaking the bank.

Use MCRC In Cycle Ads: Ads in MCRC may be beyond your economic reach at full cost; however, once an ad is “in cycle” it is very affordable.

When is an ad “in cycle” and what does that mean for MCRC users?

  • An ad is in cycle once the initial portions of mandatory talent fees have been paid.
  • Once an ad is in cycle, other users can add their local markets to the ad’s paid-up cycle at a fraction of the original cost.

Finding ads in cycle in MCRC: You may review a list of ads in cycle from the MCRC home-page  with your MCRC login. The list shows all the paid media types (broadcast, Internet etc.) for each ad listed and the use expiration dates.  Use the Use Fee Paid link to see definitions of specific fees.

Use Social Media: Used together paid media buys (TV, radio, digital ads, etc.) and social media (posts to Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Mobile) produce a more sustained impact.

CDC is sharing already-produced and optimized social media posts and images through the MCRC at no cost. You can localize these to use on a variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), as well as on blogs and other owned web properties. Many are evergreen and several feature participants from CDC’s Tips Campaign. This social media library will continue to grow as new items are produced during the year.

Please contact the MCRC staff ( to learn more about these tools and to get access to the products for your cessation programs.


Persons with disabilities experiencing problems accessing the MCRC ads should contact
or call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636).