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CORIDOR is an online application that provides resources to state health departments and public health partners related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion. Resources provided include model policies and programs, guides, databases, and other tools. CORIDOR is a searchable database that allows users to search and filter resources according to their specific needs.

This webpage provides descriptions of some key features of CORIDOR.

Key Features

The following key features will optimize your experience in using CORIDOR:

  1. View Resource.
  2. View Resource Details.
  3. Search by Keyword(s).
  4. Filter using Search Criteria Categories.
  5. View About, and Help Information.

View Resource

This default view for CORIDOR displays all Resources in a table, alongside basic information for each resource, such as Title, Thumbnail, Author/Source, Type of Resource, and Publication Date.

View Resource Details

To view details of a particular Resource, click on its title. The information will open in a new window, as shown below. A link to the external resource is provided in the field labeled "Resource Link." Click on the link provided to view the full resource.

View resource detail image

Search by Keywords

Type keywords such as title, author, source, type of resource, or publication date in the text box labeled “Search” in the top right panel of the results page. Your search will automatically run, after the Search button is selected, updating the display to only those resources that match your search criteria. To clear your search criteria, please select the “Clear” button. Until “Clear” is selected, your results will continue to filter by the checkbox selections or text input into the search box.

Serach by keyword image

Filter Using Search Criteria Categories

To filter resources using various tags and categories, select from the tags provided under each category by clicking on the checkboxes. The results will be updated based on your selection.

Filter using Search Criteria Categories

About and Help Information

About and Help information can be accessed by clicking on the links provided on the top right side of the page.

The “About” page provides general information about CORIDOR and about Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention at CDC.

The “Help” page provides information on the user interface of the application. It describes the main features and functions of CORIDOR and instructions on how to use those features.