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Submitting Evaluation Data

CDC - Submitting Evaluation Data - Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program - National Diabetes Prevention Program - Diabetes DDT

Person inputting Data

To maintain CDC recognition, lifestyle change programs must submit evaluation data every 6 months. These data include factors such as participant demographics, attendance, weight loss progress, and physical activity. CDC will provide you with a report after every data submission that outlines your progress toward full recognition.

The   CDC Recognition Program Standards and Operating Procedures [PDF - 728KB] contain detailed information about data to be gathered and procedures for submission. CDC will send your organization a reminder 4 weeks before data are due.

How Do You Report Evaluation Data

When you’re ready to submit evaluation data, use the form below. Questions about submitting your data? Check out the Data Entry Webinar: Submit for Success! video. If you don’t see the answer you need, email Please include your organization name and organization code in the subject line of your email. View Low Resolution Video

Submitting Evaluation Data

If you represent a diabetes prevention program recognized by CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (CDC Recognition Program), you will submit your evaluation data using the form on this page.

Before you submit evaluation data, be sure that you understand the data submission requirements detailed in the CDC Recognition Program Standards and Operating Procedures[PDF - 728KB]  You must transmit your data in a single data file using the comma separated value (CSV) format. A spreadsheet template is available for you to download DPRP Spreadsheet Template 2018.

To submit your data, enter your organization code and your program contact person’s email address in the form below. The organization code is the unique code assigned to your organization by the CDC Recognition Program. You can find this code in the email you received when CDC awarded pending recognition status to your program. The contact person’s email address should be the same address that is currently on file with CDC (if your contact information has changed, please contact CDC to update before sending data). After you submit this information, you will be taken to a page where you can upload your data file.

Tips for Successful Data Submission

Follow these tips to ensure your data is submitted without issue:
  • Use the file format associated with the current DPRP Standards.
  • Ensure variables have the correct names and are in the correct order.
  • Exclude any blank cells.
  • Do not include any records from sessions where a participant did not actually attend.
  • Assign a new ID for a participant who re-enrolls in the program.
  • If making your first submission, include records for sessions held from your approval data through the last day of the month before your submission is due.
  • If making a subsequent submission, include records for sessions held from the anniversary of your effective date through the last day of the month before your submission is due.

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    Evaluation Data Submission

NOTE: In order to submit your evalutation data file, please provide your assigned organization code and contact email address, then select 'Continue'.
This code is assigned by the DPRP. Enter your previously assigned organization code.
The contact person’s email address. DPRP staff will use this email address to communicate with your organization.


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