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Custom Data Login

Login is required only to work with custom data, so you can save your data for future use. The CDC does not use your login information for any other purpose. Please check the CDC Privacy Policy for more information.

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Login Tips
  • For security reasons, a period of 60 or more minutes of inactivity requires that you log in again.
  • After 5 unsuccessful attempts to log in, your account will be temporarily locked for 15 minutes.
  • Tips for creating and maintaining passwords:
    • Passwords are case sensitive.
    • Passwords must contain at least 8 characters.
    • Passwords must be created using 3 of the following criteria:
      • Uppercase letters
      • Lowercase letters
      • Numbers
      • Punctuation symbols. Punctuation symbols allowed are @, #, $, |, {, }, and ^
    • Passwords may not contain your Login or any part of your full name.
    • Do not reuse old passwords.

Conditions of Use and Logon
This is a U.S. Federal Government system and shall be used only by authorized persons for authorized purposes. Users do not have a right to privacy in their use of this government system. System access, activity, and information stored or transmitted may be monitored for adherence to acceptable use policy. Users of this system hereby consent to such monitoring. Improper or illegal use detected may result in further investigation for possible disciplinary action, civil penalties, or referral to law enforcement for criminal prosecution. This system contains non-public information that must be protected from unauthorized access, disclosure, sharing, and transmission violation of which can result in disciplinary action, fines, and/or criminal prosecution.

By logging into this application, I understand and agree to use the application in the manner in which it is intended. I agree to keep my user ID or password secured, not allowing others access. Unauthorized access to information or information systems is prohibited. Failure to comply with these rules will result in loss of access.