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Note: Numbers may not sum to total due to rounding.
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Annual Average for United States 2011-2015

Alcohol-Attributable Deaths Due to Excessive Alcohol Use

  • All Ages

  • Overall

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Harmful Effects Summary
Age Groups
Chronic Causes51,078471,0567,62022,09720,258 
Acute Causes44,0802,39813,76312,28310,9224,715 
Total for All Causes95,1582,44614,81919,90333,01824,972Total
Harmful Effects
Chronic CausesOverall0-1920-3435-4950-6465+RowType
100% Alcohol-Attributable      Category
Alcohol abuse2,59101045571,388542 
Alcohol cardiomyopathy51001793257143 
Alcohol dependence syndrome4,25801419502,305862 
Alcohol polyneuropathy300021 
Alcoholic gastritis33028176 
Alcoholic liver disease18,16405054,0089,8833,768 
Alcoholic myopathy000000 
Alcoholic psychosis70302489239351 
Alcohol-induced acute pancreatitis2780289112237 
Alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis520414286 
Degeneration of nervous system due to alcohol1450085780 
Fetal alcohol syndrome412100 
Fetus and newborn affected by maternal use of alcohol110000 
100% Alcohol-Attributable Total26,74228275,81914,2985,796CategoryTotal
Cancer      Category
Cancer, breast (females only)5840558176345 
Cancer, colorectal9960861267660 
Cancer, esophageal*4940122160311 
Cancer, laryngeal24800886154 
Cancer, liver1,6090765698839 
Cancer, oral cavity and pharyngeal9090552358494 
Cancer, pancreatic†18600751128 
Cancer, prostate (males only)18800120167 
Cancer, stomach†580141638 
Cancer Total5,2720272781,8323,135CategoryTotal
Heart Disease and Stroke      Category
Atrial fibrillation32900217309 
Coronary heart disease3,5370131427062,676 
Stroke, hemorrhagic93801371201654 
Stroke, ischemic34202940291 
Heart Disease and Stroke Total8,7310594371,6536,582CategoryTotal
Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas      Category
Esophageal varices11202155243 
Gallbladder disease000000 
Gastroesophageal hemorrhage31003819 
Liver cirrhosis, unspecified9,80101011,0024,0864,612 
Pancreatitis, acute000000 
Pancreatitis, chronic1500267 
Portal hypertension610172428 
Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas Total10,01901051,0294,1764,709CategoryTotal
Other Chronic Causes      Category
Chronic hepatitis200011 
Infant death, low birth weight**220000 
Infant death, preterm birth**44440000 
Infant death, small for gestational age**000000 
Unprovoked seizures, epilepsy, or seizure disorder134030323835 
Other Chronic Causes Total31545385813836CategoryTotal
Chronic Causes Subtotal51,078471,0567,62022,09720,258Subtotal
Acute CausesOverall0-1920-3435-4950-6465+RowType
Alcohol-Related Poisonings      Category
Alcohol poisoning2,28831374834898151 
Poisoning (not alcohol)11,8391893,5004,1583,454539 
Alcohol-Related Poisonings Total14,1272203,8744,9924,352690CategoryTotal
Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes      Category
Motor-vehicle traffic crashes¶7,0926933,4291,995749226 
Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes Total7,0926933,4291,995749226CategoryTotal
Suicide      Category
Suicide by and exposure to alcohol380813125 
Suicide Total9,9374432,3152,6102,8471,722CategoryTotal
Other Acute Causes      Category
Air-space transport75213182617 
Child maltreatment§1481480000 
Fall injuries||2,015221483321,014500 
Fire injuries1,06618105154330460 
Firearm injuries1291443262719 
Motor-vehicle nontraffic crashes190938364464 
Occupational and machine injuries126317233944 
Other road vehicle crashes1701137375134 
Water transport75320182112 
Other Acute Causes Total12,9231,0424,1442,6862,9742,076CategoryTotal
Acute Causes Subtotal44,0802,39813,76312,28310,9224,715Subtotal
Beneficial Effects
Chronic Causes      RowHeader
Gallbladder disease-5700-2-7-48 
Acute Causes      RowHeader
Total for All Causes-5700-2-7-48Grandtotal

* Cancer, esophageal: Deaths calculated for the proportion of esophageal cancer deaths due to squamous cell carcinoma  only, based on the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results data in 18 states (SEER18).

† Cancer, pancreatic and stomach: Deaths among people consuming high levels of alcohol only.

‡ Pneumonia: Deaths among adults aged 20 to 64 years.

§ Child maltreatment: Deaths among children aged 0 to 14 years.

|| Fall injuries: Deaths among people aged 15 to 69 years.

¶ Motor vehicle traffic crashes: Deaths among people of all ages. A blood alcohol concentration level of 0.08 g/dL or greater is used for defining alcohol attribution for this condition.

** Infant deaths (low birth weight, pre-term birth and small for gestational age): Alcohol consumption prevalence estimates calculated among women aged 18 to 44 years only.

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