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Global Tobacco Surveillance System Data (GTSSData)

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Currently Smoke Cigarettes

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Percentage of students who smoked cigarettes on at least 1 day during the month preceding the survey
WHO Region: All
Year: Most Recent
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National Data Only

Image that displays when the map is loading.


Missing bars in the chart view may indicate no data available or insufficient sample size. The footnote symbol and text is available in the table view, if applicable.

Measure Definitions

Confidence Interval (CI) - A numeric range that consists of 95% confidence limits and indicates the confidence interval in the format (low endpoint – high endpoint)
Percentage (%) - A weighted percentage reflecting the population estimate
Sample Size (n) - The unweighted number of cases.

Suggested Citation

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office of Smoking and Health, Global Tobacco Surveillance System Data (GTSSData) [online]. [accessed Jul 14, 2024]. URL: