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2008: Percent of WIC children aged 2 to 4 years who have obesity
Location TypeLocation Ascending/DescendingValue Ascending/Descending95% CISample Size
States Alabama 14.9(14.5-15.2)43,287
Alaska 20.6(19.7-21.4)9,020
Arizona 15.6(15.3-15.9)59,354
Arkansas 13.7(13.3-14.1)25,003
California 18.5(18.4-18.7)515,179
Colorado 9.6(9.2-9.9)31,712
Connecticut 16.8(16.3-17.3)18,325
Delaware 17.3(16.4-18.3)6,328
District of Columbia 14.5(13.5-15.6)4,462
Florida 15.0(14.8-15.2)150,074
Georgia 15.3(15.1-15.5)93,912
Hawaii 10.0(9.5-10.5)12,797
Idaho 12.6(12.1-13.2)14,502
Illinois 15.8(15.5-16.0)102,620
Indiana 15.2(14.9-15.5)49,479
Iowa 15.7(15.2-16.1)26,115
Kansas 13.5(13.1-13.9)26,354
Kentucky 16.9(16.6-17.3)47,225
Louisiana 15.0(14.6-15.4)36,770
Maine 16.2(15.5-17.0)9,386
Maryland 16.3(15.9-16.6)40,557
Massachusetts 17.8(17.4-18.2)43,457
Michigan 14.4(14.1-14.6)85,537
Minnesota 13.0(12.7-13.2)51,751
Mississippi 15.8(15.3-16.2)30,431
Missouri 14.6(14.3-15.0)45,662
Montana 13.5(12.7-14.2)8,142
Nebraska 14.8(14.2-15.3)16,603
Nevada 13.8(13.3-14.3)18,366
New Hampshire 17.2(16.3-18.2)6,175
New Jersey 19.6(19.3-20.0)48,518
New Mexico 13.1(12.7-13.5)22,517
New York 16.4(16.2-16.5)168,641
North Carolina 14.2(13.9-14.4)73,574
North Dakota 14.2(13.2-15.2)5,075
Ohio 12.4(12.2-12.6)92,286
Oklahoma 14.9(14.5-15.3)28,285
Oregon 15.3(14.9-15.6)37,810
Pennsylvania 11.6(11.4-11.8)85,606
Rhode Island 17.3(16.5-18.0)9,504
South Carolina 14.2(13.8-14.6)31,185
South Dakota 16.1(15.3-17.0)6,950
Tennessee 14.7(14.4-15.0)51,616
Texas 16.9(16.7-17.0)317,047
Utah 13.2(12.7-13.6)20,597
Vermont 13.7(12.9-14.5)6,491
Virginia 20.2(19.8-20.5)42,377
Washington 14.9(14.6-15.1)67,865
West Virginia 14.3(13.8-14.8)16,941
Wisconsin 14.1(13.8-14.5)42,822
Wyoming 10.5(9.5-11.5)3,494
Territories Guam 11.7(10.4-13.0)2,383
Puerto Rico 18.9(18.6-19.1)81,359
Virgin Islands 15.4(13.7-17.1)1,703
Obese is defined as body mass index (BMI)-for-age and sex = 95th percentile based on the 2000 CDC growth chart; BMI was calculated from measured weight and height (weight [kg]/ height [m²]). Children with missing values of height, weight, and BMI were excluded. In addition, children with biological implausible values for height, weight, and BMI defined as the following z-scores values, were excluded from the analyses: height-for-age < -5.0 or > 4.0, weight-for-age < -5.0 or > 8.0, and BMI-for-age < -4.0 or > 8.0.
State estimates do not include data from WIC Agencies in Indian Tribal Organizations (ITOs).
Women, Infants, and Children Participant and Program Characteristics (WIC PC) is a biennial census that includes participants who are certified to receive WIC benefits between April 1 and April 30 of the reporting year. Obesity estimates for low income children from WIC PC are not directly comparable to prior estimates from the historical Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PedNSS) due to methodological differences.
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