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Search Tips

Overview | Step-by-Step Instructions


Widening your search
Narrowing your search

You can search for research projects by simply selecting check boxes next to desired items on the Research Projects search page. You can also choose to widen or narrow your search by combining the categories and specific items under categories.

Widening your Search

A wide search encompasses a wide range of research projects. Use this technique when your original search did not yield any results or if you want a longer list of results.

To widen your search, follow these tips:

Search Technique Example Results
Select all categories Select the All check box at the top of each category list.
The system displays all the research projects in the system
Combine the All option for some categories with specific items for other categories

Select the All check box for the following categories:

Host Institution
Funding Source
Project Identifier
Project Status

Research Setting

Select the following specific items:
Race and Ethnicity = African American or Black, Asian

Health Topics = Cardiovascular health, Community health, Diabetes

Age = Adolescents (12-19 years), Adults (20-49 years)

The system displays research projects that pertain to the race African American OR Asian; AND the health topic cardiovascular health, community health, OR diabetes, AND the age group adolescents OR adults for all selected host institutions, funding sources, genders, project identifiers, project status, and research settings.

Note: If a project is associated with multiple health topics such as Cardiovascular health and Asthma, the system will display such a project because one criterion within the category (Cardiovascular health) was met.


Narrowing your Search

Use a narrow search if you have a specific set of criteria to meet, or when the original search displayed too many research projects in the results. The more search criteria you enter, the narrower your search will be, and fewer results will be displayed.

To narrow your search, follow these tips:

Search Technique Example Results
Select one item under one or more categories

Funding Source = PRC Program

Health Topics = Community Health

Research Setting = Neighborhood

Project Status = Active

Race and Ethnicity = African American or Black

Age Group = Adolescents (12-19 years)

The system displays active research projects funded by the PRC Program AND pertain only to Community health; AND are located only in a Neighborhood, AND pertain only to African American or Black adolescents

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Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. On the PRC Research Projects Search page, select the All check box or check boxes next to specific desired items. For tips on how to combine categories and items, refer to the Narrowing and Widening your search sections.

    Note: To change your selections before you search, check and uncheck the check box next to each selection. Click Reset to uncheck all selections.

  2. Click the Search button.The system displays the Search Results page.

    Screenshot of Search Results page
  3. If your search did not yield the desired results, click Modify search. The system displays the search page and retains your previously selected criteria. Refer to the Search Tips section and widen or narrow your search. To run another search, click the Start new search link. The system displays the search page with the "All" check boxes selected.

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