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The Home Page


The Home page contains several sections that allow you to select and view information, and consists of the following sections:

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View data from

Use the View Data From section to select the survey or the type of data you want to view. To view data, simply select the desired data type. The system currently has three data types available - High School Youth Risk Behavior surveys (YRBS), Middle School Youth Risk Behavior surveys (YRBS), and Global School Health Survey (GSHS).

Screenshot of buttons for selecting data type


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View all responses for one location

The View all responses for one location section allows you to select a desired location and view all the responses for the selected location.

You can select a location in three ways:

  • Select a location from the Select Location dropdown list and click GO.
  • Select a location from the U.S. map.
    Note: The map option is available for only the High School YRBS and Middle School YRBS. The map option is not available for GSHS.
  • Click the View U.S. Data link to view national data (available only for High School YRBS).

Screenshot of the Youth Online Home page


View one question for all locations

The View one question for all locations section allows you to view results for one question for all states and locations that have data available for that question. You can thenselect a health topic and select a response for the selected health topic.

Note: When you select to view data from GSHS, the system displays the health topics available for the World Health Organization (WHO) regions in GSHS.

Screenshot of View one question for all locations


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Create a Cross Tabulation using the YRBSS Analysis Tool

The YRBSS Analysis Tool allows you to explore YRBSS and Global School-based Health Survey data in more detail by conducting cross tabulation analyses that compare data for two variables, with the option of stratifying the results by year, site, demographic variables or sexual orientation.

To start a cross tabulation, click the Cross Tabulation button at the bottom of the section panel.

Screenshot of YAT Analysis Tool with Cross Tabulation button

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Use the Data Portal

Click the Youth Risk Behavior Data Portal link to access the data portal, where you can create filtered views of datasets, download Youth Online data, customize visualizations of data, etc.

Screenshot of the Data Portal section on the Home page.


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