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Welcome to the upgraded version of Youth Online, a user-friendly system that allows you to view and analyze data about youth risk behaviors covering 1991 - 2015. The system provides quick access to data concerning the following health risk behaviors: Unintentional Injuries and Violence, Tobacco Use, Alcohol and Other Drug Use, Sexual Behaviors, Dietary Behaviors, Physical Activity, Weight Control, and Other Health Topics.

Youth Online also includes the following features:

  • High school and Middle school YRBS data
  • Interactive tables that allow filtering and sorting by race/ethnicity, sex, grade, sexual orientation, or site
  • Tables with data from multiple sites or multiple questions
  • Ability to test differences between 2 data points using T-tests
  • Expanded race/ethnicity break outs
  • Expanded sexual orientation break outs
  • A map available for viewing data when you select all locations, one question, and one year
  • Enhanced graphs
  • Customizable factsheets
  • Online Help

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