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Trending: Race and Kidney Disease:
Interim Report from the NKF-ASN Task Force - published in JASN or AJKD.

Emerging Topics in CKD: APOL1, Cancer, Dietary Acid Load, Obesity and Periodontal Disease.

Spotlight on Indicators
Are You Aware Summary of CKD information

Prediabetes — an increasingly recognized risk factor for chronic kidney disease  — October 2022

One in Ten Adults With CKD and Diabetes Taking SGLT2s to Lower Blood Sugar and Protect Their Heart and Kidneys  — September 2021

Only Half of Adults at High Risk of Kidney Failure Know They Have CKD  — July 2021

Patient Primary Care Resources

Awareness of patients’ CKD among primary care physicians remains low. These topics for primary care providers is vital for their work on risk factor modification to delay CKD progression and prevent complications.

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