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Campaign Details

Campaign Title:
Hear Her
Produced For:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Produced By:
Social and Emotional Wellness, Reproductive Health
Black/African American, General Audiences, American Indians, Pregnant Women, Partners (i.e. community based organizations, hospitals etc.)
The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of potentially life-threatening warning signs during and in the year after pregnancy, and encourages the people supporting pregnant and postpartum women to really listen and take action when she expresses concerns.
The campaign was disseminated to consumers through digital media buys, paid Google searches, social media, video streaming services, and broadcast and radio PSA outreach.
Focus groups were conducted in Atlanta in August 2019 to get feedback on campaign concepts and refine the messaging and approach. Eight focus groups were tested with each group formed with 9 members. The audience consisted of pregnant and postpartum women, members of their family (male and female); with an oversample African Americans (high risk group). Monitoring and evaluation are ongoing as this is an active, recently released campaign. We are tracking performance and impact through social media analytics, website analytics, media reports, and partner engagement. We are also conducting internet panel surveys to measure the reach and change in awareness of the campaign and pregnancy-related complications, as well as behaviors such as women speaking up about pregnancy-related health concerns or their support system engagement addressing those concerns.
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