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Campaign Details

Campaign Title:
Infant & Toddler Nutrition
Produced For:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Produced By:
FHI 360
Black/African American, Parents
To inform African American mothers/caregivers about new information that can help them make healthy choices for their baby or toddler around nutrition and feeding.
To include nutrition recommendations for children aged 0-2 and let mothers/caregivers know there are answers to their questions about what to feed their children.
A total of nine in-depth interviews were conducted with African American mothers before running the ads. Participants reacted positively to both the photo and illustrated ads; the illustrated ads were preferred when choosing one option. Participants liked a more direct call to action and found the immediate health and well-being of the child more important when making feeding decisions. While most participants were interested in learning more about the Dietary Guidelines, there was some confusion around the term “solid foods”. The primary performance metric was click through rates. These ads had click through rates between .93% and 1.27%--well above the industry standard.
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