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Campaign Details

Campaign Title:
Moving Matters
Produced For:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Produced By:
FHI 360
Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Physical Activity, Social and Emotional Wellness
Adults, Black/African American, Females, Parents
To increase awareness of the benefits of physical activity, build self-efficacy to be more physically active, and prompt more physical activity among adults who are insufficiently active and inactive.
To use evidence-based strategies to increase physical activity included in community-wide campaigns. By using an informative, authentic, inspiring, and inclusive tone and modeling the types of moderate-intensity physical activities we learned were popular among our audience, we hope to encourage audiences to make physical activity part of their daily life and give them the tools to make that easier.
The messages and design concepts for the Moving Matters materials were tested with African American and Black women aged 30-44 through in-depth interviews and web usability tests. They also were shared with partners and organizations who work with African American and Black women as part of informal feedback discussions. People responded positively to the ads and appreciated seeing a variety of body sizes and "regular" clothes, and references to family. Some of the information in the ads was new to them. The featured benefits and activities were informed by omnibus survey data and market research data. Testing information is available if needed.
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