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Campaign Details

Campaign Title:
Chicago Deserves
Produced For:
City of Chicago/Children's Memorial Hospital
Produced By:
Nutrition: Healthy food/drink, Built Environment, Physical Activity
Adults, Black/African American, Females, Hispanic/Latino, General Audiences, Decision Makers, Pregnant Women, Business Owners, Urban populations, Partners (i.e. community based organizations, hospitals etc.)
1) Raise awareness of city-level and community-based initiatives that promote healthier environments. 2) Increase involvement in, and support for, work toward systems, policy, and environmental changes that would advance healthier lifestyles. 3) Begin a cultural shift toward healthier living; see attitude and behavior change.
To build a mixed-use, bi-lingual campaign that targets neighborhoods of high need and health disparity in Chicago.
The campaign recently launched. Still developing different creative iterations for the various mediums the ads will run on. Current plan is to monitor reach and conduct evaluation at a later date.
Media Center Help

Contact the Media Center:

  • State and Community Health Media Center
    MS S107-5
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    4770 Buford Highway
    Atlanta, GA 30341