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Prevalence of Self-reported Severe Vision Impairment or Blindness in Adults with Diabetes, Aged 18 Years or Older, United States, 2013

Sex Age-adjusted Rate
(per 100)
Crude Rate
(per 100)
Overall 12.0 11.5
Males 10.4 9.9
Females 13.7 13.1
Age Group
(in years)
Self-reported Severe Vision Impairment or Blindness Estimated Cases
Attributable to Diabetes
(in thousands)Reports the estimated number of disease cases that are attributed to diabetes, which can be interpreted as the number of cases that would be reduced if diabetes were eliminated.
Estimated Cases
(in thousands)
Crude Rate
(per 100)
95% Confidence Interval
Lower Limit Upper Limit
18-64 1,825.6 12.3 11.5 13.2 985.3
65+ 1,043.7 10.4 9.6 11.2 422.5
Total 2,869.4 11.5 11.0 12.1 1,444.7

Data Source: 2013 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

Note: Self-reported severe vision impairment or blindness is defined by using the survey question, "Are you blind or do you have serious difficulty seeing, even when wearing glasses?"

The numbers of diabetes-attributable cases by age groups do not add up to totals because in some states the numbers for some age groups are not reported due to data unreliability, and thus these numbers by age groups may be underestimated.